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Earn your 200-300 euro for free

  • Time required approx. 45 minutes
  • Within 10 days the first money
  • Top support via live chat and email
  • On the market since 2016 with company headquarters in Switzerland
What distinguishes Digital Networker

Why my portfolio?

Broadly diversified portfolio

It is important to invest your money not only invest in one area but in different areas to reduce the risk of risk of losing all your money in in one area if the market the market collapses there.

Profitable returns

With my portfolio you have the chance to earn up to 15% return per month.

Up To Date & Sweepstakes

Up to date in the Telegram channel or conveniently via the newsletter. Exclusive sweepstakes for the community.

Direct contact

Reachable via Telegram, Whats App and Instagram as via Zoom. Honest feedback about the company like transparent insights into the development of my portfolio.

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Digitaler Networker

I met Daniel by chance and am very happy to have come across him. Due to his sympathetic and honest manner, I feel I am in the best hands with him. I was able to more than improve my financial situation through him. He is always available to help me with questions and passes on his knowledge.
Jeannette I.
Daniel has contacted me about 2 years ago, where it was about the topic of investment. We have maintained a good contact since then and Daniel is a very competent and honest person. He enables you to develop yourself and if you have any questions he is always available. I am happy to have come across him.
Kevin H.
I have known Daniel for almost 10 years now and my collaboration with him has always been good. He is an honest, helpful, determined and focused person to whom it is important that his team and his friends also get ahead. Through his help and by working together, I have been able to build a new leg to stand on.
Adrian R.

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